Financial Sector

FIs are among the most mature users of quantitative modeling today, with robust model governance approaches. Our novel technology helps banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions leverage their data in ways that increase efficiencies and build public trust.

We have a unique ability to deliver fully explainable solutions, models with a very small set of features and insights into the causality between variables. Our solutions address the evolving needs and interests of a wide range of FI stakeholders including customers, employees and regulators.

Manufacturing Sector

Our technology is being applied to help advanced automotive manufacturers. We help enhance the efficiencies of their production processes and maintain or improve quality. The physical plant environment is a new frontier of data science, with an almost unfathomable number of opportunities for data capture.

Our novel techniques generate insights from massive datasets and refine these insights into a handful of critical problem points, that when adjusted, yield significant production improvements. Our data-driven solutions can be applied anywhere you can capture data including applications like robotic welding and machine stamping.

Let’s explore collaboration within our sector or discuss how we can assist in yours.