We have a completely novel approach to machine learning. Our approach can revolutionize how conventional machine-learning models are constructed.

We assist our clients in developing
fully interpretable, highly accurate models using only a few features . We refer to these as Minimal Models.

We achieve this through our proprietary method of directly identifying the most critical features in a dataset in relation to a specific outcome.

“Efficient, Fully-Explainable, Trustworthy, and Economical.”

Fiins AI Suite

Unlock Accuracy and Clarity



Our Team

Our team is a collective of the necessary expertise to deliver accurate, reliable, Profitable, and Responsible Machine Learning & AI Systems. Here is a snippet of our team members

Dr. Gaston Gonnet

Chief Data Scientist

Joseph Lafleur


Mardi Witzel


Tim Snider


University of Waterloo
ETH Zurich

Oxford English Dictionary Online Co-Founder

Maple Computer Algebra System Co-Founder

Wilfrid Laurier

30Y experience in the Financial Services Industry

Investment, Advisory, & Corporate Finance

Wilfrid Laurier University
Queen’s University

20Y Board & Strategic
Direction & Governance

AI Governance
CPA Ontario

University of Waterloo
McMaster University

Oxford English Dictionary Online Co-Founder

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